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It is paramount that we provide you the consumer with knowledgeable information about each product. We agree that sometimes we may over emphasize the details but that is only for you to make the best decisions for your hard working dollar. The products on these pages have been bought and used for our own hands on experience, leaving out any shadow of doubt that there may be something we might have missed. True were not all perfect, but if we give something a five star rating it’s guaranteed we put it through the ringer. We have been writing reviews since 1999 for various other sites around the globe. It’s not a job for us, but a passion for writing so that before you pull that credit card or let loose some of that hard earned cash you made. So come see us at myvirtualreviews.com. Thank you for stopping by, tell all your friends about us and if you need further assistance don’t hesitate to drop me a email.





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